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Chatbots are not a new technology, but they have evolved exponentially in the last few years. From incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms, to combining virtual and human assistance under “one roof”. But even now, not all AI virtual assistants are equally capable.

Môveo.AI offers a secure and private, conversational AI platform that actually delivers its claims! Excellent customer support for any issue, in any channel, anytime!

Since 2021, when our sales skyrocketed, Môveo.AI has evolved into a successful startup receiving transactions from users in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Brazil, USA and the United Kingdom. The success lies not only in our team that combines technical acumen with solid business experience but also in our unique platform that carries unlimited capabilities. But what actually makes Môveo.AI unique?

NOT Lost in translation!
Hello or Helo? Hiii or Hey?

How many times have you conversed with someone, but lost meaning? And if humans can’t communicate effectively, how can humans and AI virtual assistants? The key lies in the interpretation.

Môveo’s state of the art NLP, cares about what you mean, not how you express it. But is it enough? Humans can express themselves in multiple ways.
Spelling & grammatical errors, syntax mistakes and slang language are a piece of cake for our statistical models to detect.

And because actions speak louder than words, we tested ourselves with the leaders in the market and the results are clear as water!

AccuracyF-1 Score
Microsoft Luis89.6%90.8%
Google Dialogflow ES82.9%87.0%

Results are based on the publicly available English Snips dataset using a stratified 5-fold cross validation

If a Developer, then No
If Python, JavaScript and C++ mean nothing to you, perfect!

An AI virtual assistant can be your “ace in the sleeve”, as it allows you to save time and money, while providing a unique and personalized experience to your customers. But there is a catch! Most AI virtual assistants need a developer’s hand and employing one can be very expensive! Thus, how much money can you really save?

Môveo’s no-code platform offers you the ability to create a virtual assistant on your own! The user-friendly, drag and drop interface will empower you to deploy your virtual assistant within days! For the ultimate experience, allow your developers to connect our open API to your systems and exploit Môveo’s infinite potentials.
Not sure you did it correctly? Just “Try” your conversation, see where it lacks information and make improvements.

Infinite Scalability? Challenge accepted!
Humans may be quick, but Môveo.AI is quicker!

Customers hate waiting! Whether that is in line to buy your product or for you to answer their concerns. Excellent customer service can become your differentiating factor, but in order to do so you need to be quick and personal.

Môveo’s infinite scalability allows you to process more than 100.000 inquiries per month, while a human agent can, on average, process around 3000. Think of all the time we can save for your support department, without compromising your customer’s experience.
Why not take advantage of what the 21st century has to offer?

Don’t take our word for it!
 Kaizen Gaming, one of the fastest growing GameTech companies in Europe
ProblemSpikes of customer requests
Solution: Môveo’s AI virtual assistant is employed to resolve personalized questions. The daily incoming inquiries during the day can reach 7000 users

Connect with everything: CRM, ERP, APIs
A frictionless experience right from the start!

Automate and improve your processes by connecting Môveo.AI with your own systems. Provide a holistic solution to your customer, while enriching your CRM with important data. Stop losing valuable information due to high estimated response times and cluttered support departments. Are you a Financial Institution and your clients demand to see their account balance? Sure! Are you in E-commerce and your customers want to reschedule a delivery? No problem! Môveo.AI does it all!

Don’t take our word for it!
 Skroutz Last Mile, one of the largest online stores in Greece
Problem: Reschedule product deliveries
Solution: Clients who do not receive their order, get a Viber notification from Môveo’s AI virtual assistant. With appropriate guidance, they can reschedule a delivery in the date, time and location of their choosing and even include relevant information, without any human intervention. So far, more than 9000 customers are served per month with a 97% success at rescheduling deliveries

Self Learning
Continuous improvement over time!

What if your customer’s inquiries are not predicted correctly? Or, what happens if a pandemic hits the planet and your users start asking questions that your AI virtual assistant doesn’t know the answer to? Môveo.AI automatically improves by itself through conversing with users. Using Deep Learning algorithms, it detects commonly asked questions and topics, for which it had no prior knowledge.

Don’t take our word for it!
The Greek Embassy in New York
Problem: Multiple questions regarding Covid-19 during the outbreak
Solution: Môveo.AI took the lead, “listened” to what the users were asking, and provided many new topics regarding the pandemic. As a result, questions like “Do I need to be vaccinated to travel to Greece” are easily detected and answered

New device detected…initiate dialog.

Allow your customers to connect with you, the way they want. Môveo.AI provides a seamless experience to your users, by allowing them to connect with you on any messaging platform they desire such as your website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Google Chat, Zendesk, Intercom or any other mobile app.

Don’t take our word for it!
 European Reliance, a Greek insurance company
Problem: Multiple questions regarding multiple topics. From health to car insurance and e-services
Solution: Môveo.AI is deployed to resolve inquiries, giving the option to clients to converse in FB messenger or Viber and their website

Make data driven decisions

Offering an analytics dashboard, Môveo.AI allows you to monitor your AI virtual assistant’s performance and through our open API, export useful insights regarding your customer’s interests to any third party Business Intelligence tool. From your peak times and most asked questions, to the coverage your AI virtual assistant achieved last week, last 14 days, last month or any time period you want. It’s up to you! Take decisions based on data, not hunches.

Ready to go Global?
Môveo.AI is multilingual!

Môveo.AI can learn a new language at a native level, in a few months!
Currently we support 12 languages and by the end of 2022, we will include 10 more, to better serve our clients demands!

Don’t take our word for it!
 Betano, one of the fastest growing GameTech companies in Europe.
Problem: Plethora of inquiries in Brazil.
Solution: Môveo.AI entered the Brazilian market. More than 95000 Brazilian users are being served monthly. And to think we don’t even speak Portuguese.

Our path to success!
From the establishment of Môveo.AI Inc in New York, to our first branch in Sao Paulo, our journey has just begun!
Stay tuned!

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