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The company under the name “MOVEO HELLAS SINGLE-MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY” and with the distinctive title “MOVEO”, based in Makedonon 8, Athens, Attica, 11521 (hereinafter the “Company”), is beneficiary, owner who operates and manages the webpage moveo.ai (hereinafter “Website”) in accordance with the following general terms of use (hereinafter “ToU”), which each and every visitor/user of the Website is asked to read carefully before further use of the Website. The below terms are the general terms and conditions under which the Website’s use is ruled. By visiting the Website, you agree with these ToU. If you do not agree with the hereby ToU, you should abstain immediately from any use of the Website.



Through our Website, you may access information about our provided services related to advanced chat applications based on artificial intelligence, with the aim of developing and configuring a virtual assistant, using modern NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to serve the customers’ end users. For further information about our services please read carefully our Terms and Conditions of Service.


Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights to the contents and services of the Website, such as but not limited to the texts, photographs, graphics, commercial and financial data, programmes, records of any type, trademarks/logos or Website layout, are protected by Greek, European Community and international legislation regarding intellectual property and belong exclusively to the Company; they are made available to visitors/users for strictly personal use. In line with principles of good faith and fair dealing, the Company makes every possible effort to ensure the content and information appearing on the Website are accurate and true but bears no responsibility for their reliability or completeness. Any copying, distribution, transfer, alteration, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading the public as to the true provider of the Website content is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, dissemination or transmission, or any other use of the contents of the Website in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only following prior written permission from the Company or any other holder of intellectual property rights. Without such permission, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the Company’s intellectual/industrial property rights. The Company reserves the right to claim any direct or consequential loss it suffers, in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation. Specifically, the Website comprises a registered domain name which has been legally assigned to the Company and is governed by applicable protective provisions regarding domain names.


Visitors/user responsibilities

The use of or visit to the Website assumes the unreserved acceptance of the terms of use outlined in these ToU. Navigating and staying on the Website or its filing/cataloguing constitutes implied acceptance of the ToU outlined in this section. Website visitors/users are obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and international legislation and the applicable legislation on telecommunications and to refrain from any illegal or abusive behaviour during their visit/use of the Website and in relation to the Website. Visit/use of the Website must be for solely lawful purposes in a manner that does not restrict or prevent the visit/use by third parties. Users are required to use the Website in accordance with the legislation, accepted principles of morality and these terms of use, and not to engage in actions or omissions which may cause harm or malfunction, or affect or place the provision of services through the Website at risk. Visitors/users are liable and agree to make restitution for any damages that may result to the Company and/or the Website by using the Website and the services provided through it in a manner that is unlawful or illicit or generally runs counter to principles of morality and these ToU.


Limited liability

The content of the Website and the services provided through it are made available “AS IS” and the Company makes no guarantee, express or otherwise, as to the integrity, accuracy, timeliness, merchandability, non-violation or appropriateness of the content for any use, application or purpose. The Company takes every appropriate and reasonably expected measure so that the data, information and audio-visual material comprising the Website content are complete, accurate and reliable. However, the Company cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the above information and is not liable to visitors/users or third parties for any losses suffered as a result of incorrect, inaccurate or obsolete information. The Company makes every possible effort through technological controls to ensure the services and Website content are provided seamlessly and without interruption. However, it is not responsible in the event that, for some reason – including negligence, the Website operation is interrupted or access to it becomes difficult and/or impossible, or if despite all security measures computer viruses or other malware are identified and transmitted to visitor/user computer terminals, or if unauthorised third parties (“hackers”) interfere with the content or operation of the Website, rendering it difficult to use or causing problems to its proper operation. In addition, the Company is not liable for any temporary non-availability of the Website, for the interruption of some or all of its functions or for any malfunction or technical issues which may arise. Under no circumstances, including negligence, is the Company liable to users or any third parties for any damages, whether direct or consequential, related in any way to the use of the Website, its navigation and the use of the services or information provided through it. Visitors/users are obliged to take all appropriate security measures (e.g. anti-virus software) before visiting and/or downloading anything from the Website. The cost of potential adjustments or repairs are borne by visitors/users and under no circumstances by the Company.


Governing law

The foregoing ToU and any amendment, change or alteration are governed by Greek legislation and supplemented by the legislation of the European Union and applicable international conventions. Any provision of these ToU which runs counter to the legislation automatically ceases to have force and is removed from these terms, without in any way compromising the validity of the other terms. These ToU comprise the entire agreement between the Company and visitors/users and binds only them. No amendment of these ToU of use shall be taken into account or form part of this agreement unless expressed in writing and incorporated into a further agreement. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend or update these ToU, in accordance with its needs and sound business practices. The courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise. The original Greek text of the ToU of the Website may have been translated into other languages. The translations are provided for convenience and their texts do not give rise to any rights. In the event of a dispute over the content or the interpretation of the ToU, or a discrepancy between the Greek version and any other translated version, the Greek versions of the texts, to the extent permitted by legislation, shall apply, take precedence and be considered final. The Greek version of the ToU is available on the Website (select “Greek” as the language) or they may be sent upon written request.



These ToU may be amended without prior notice; visitors/users are advised to regularly visit this Website for notifications of any changes which may be made to the ToU of the Website. In the event the use of any of the services of the Website is governed by specific terms, these terms shall be considered an integral part of these ToU. In the event of conflict, the more specific terms shall prevail. The invalidity of any one of these ToU does not invalidate the others. The Company’s failure to exercise its rights under these ToU does not imply waiver of such rights. The Company is not liable for the violation of these ToU as a result of force majeure. All types of announcements and notifications regarding the Website and the provided services shall be made with every available means using the contact information provided by each user.


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