Conversational AI for Financial Services

Al virtual agents will help the FinTech industry save $7.3B by 2023 – Juniper Research

Give your customers
the self-service automation they need

As customer demands constantly rise, excellent customer service has become a headache for Financial Institutions. Self-service automation can help you exceed customer expectations without risking their data privacy. Reduce operational costs and improve employee productivity, by leveraging a conversational AI solution. Create a competitive advantage in your market by shaping a safe yet customer-centric strategy.

Onboarding support
Application submissions
Internal employee support
Digital payments
Account inquiries
FAQs & troubleshooting

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Use case:

Financial services

Meet Sophie​

Edenred is an international company specializing in specific-purpose payment solutions for food, incentives, mobility and corporate payments. Edenred deployed Môveo’s AI virtual agent, Sophie, in order to provide 24/7, instant support to all its stakeholders; marchants, companies and employees.

Α solution for all stakeholders

Edenred chose Môveo.AI based on the strong NLP capabilities, infinite scalability and out-of-the-box integrations. By deploying Sophie on its website, Edenred managed to support all its stakeholders; partner merchants, companies and employees. Through a one-way integration with Salesforce, Edenred also managed to organize and better handle Sales Qualified Leads and customer cases.


For merchants​

Stores interested to become a partner can submit their interest to Sophie. Through the one-way integration with Salesforce, Sophie creates a Merchant lead with the above details for the back office personnel.


For companies

Companies can learn more about product families and perform action e.g change details or order cards. Through the one-way integration with Salesforce, Sophie can also create a customer lead or case.


For employees

Môveo.AI supports employees setup their cards and answers FAQs e.g how to download myEdenred app, activate a card and even discover partner merchants (restaurants, stores, gas stations etc)​


new Salesforce leads


chats per month


savings on customer center

Why Môveo.AI


Create seamless integrations that result in frictionless experiences, using our open API. Integrate Môveo.AI with your back-end systems and ensure your data protection, by creating an air-gapped environment.


Meet your customers where they are and converse with them in their preferred language. Connect Môveo.AI to your communication channels and offer them 24/7, omnichannel support.


Answer even the most complex customer requests and handover only the conversations that require a “human touch”. Reach up to 99% automation rate with our state-of-the-art NLP algorithms.


Say “no thank you” to your developers with our no-code platform and deploy an AI virtual assistant on your own within days. Don’t start from zero, but choose a template and enrich it to better serve your communication needs.


Forget the tedious customer interviews and identify new customer needs without lifting a finger. Allow your AI virtual agent to learn from previous data and help you successfully anticipate your customer needs.


Leave no message unread and offer instant resolution to your customer requests. Centralize your communications using our built-in human-chat and improve your live agent’s performance.

Time is money.

Save both with a conversational AI solution