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New UI, Better UX: Announcing Môveo.AI 2.0!

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Do we settle for a “good enough” user experience? I think we all know the answer to that…

Our team worked for months in order to create a better, more elevated User Interface (UI) for our customers, that will empower them to optimize and simplify their business operations even more.

Feeling unsure about the switch?
We offer premium assistance during the transition and the changes will only affect your account. And if for some reason you decide you are not ready to commit yet, you can switch back to the old UI with just a few clicks. Let’s dig into some of the new capabilities.

From Desks to Environments
We didn’t just change the name…

Our vision for the new UI was to provide more flexibility to our clients. So how could we achieve that?💡By allowing them to connect their Brains with more than one Environment.

Let’s say you are an international company with branches across the globe.

With the old UI, you had to create different Environments for every department, in every country, to connect them with all the different Brains.
A one-to-one situation. Talk about complexity…
With the new UI, things are much simpler. You can have everything you need per country, under one Environment. Your Brains for all your departments and your team of experts ready to take over a conversation if needed.

But that’s not all!
When connecting one Brain to multiple Environments, you need the flexibility to tailor your answers according to your business and user needs. With context bundles you can organize your business operations and reach higher levels of customer support automation, by grouping your responses according to your business and customer needs.

For example, each “bundle” can represent a company branch, and contain all the appropriate information; from the location, to the business hours, to the currency of the country etc.
When a customer in New York requests the location of your office and the cost of your service, he/she will receive a message with the NY location and the pricing plan in $. When a customer in Athens requests the SAME information, they will receive a DIFFERENT message containing the location in Greece and the pricing plan in €. How amazing is that?

Not all our clients are global. Connecting Brains with more than one Environment can help every business!

  1. You can better organize your teams and fully exploit the Human-Chat module. Set business hours for all your employees, in all your departments, thus informing your virtual assistant when a hand-over to a representative is feasible and when it’s not.
  2. Who said that rules are not fun?
    WHEN a customer starts a conversation
    IF rules evaluate to true
    THEN their message will reach the correct Brain.
    So simple, yet powerful.

Rules Rule!
Not a new feature. An elegant solution.

Setting rules will allow you to automate the flow of every incoming message, as well as reach new levels of team efficiency among other things.

What if a key account client sends you a message? With Rules you can tag the conversation as “important” and offer extremely quick support.

What if a client sends you a message in Brazilian Portuguese? Or any other language really…By setting the Rule correctly, based on the nature of the enquiry and the language used, the message will be automatically assigned to the appropriate Brain.

You can read more about Rules and how to use them here.

Top Navigation

We crafted a Top Navigation (literally and figuratively), that boosts the platform’s usability.

Our mission was to make it extremely easy for our clients to navigate through the new UI. This means being able to know where they are, what’s their goal and where they need to navigate next. But it doesn’t end there.

We chose a horizontal navigation bar that can lead you to your
Brains where you can create or import a new one.
Integrations where you can see all the available communication channels as well as all the channels we are working on.
Rules where you can create your “Ifs” and “Thens”, label tags and organize your conversations.
Human-Chat, where you can view all your conversations and assign them to a live-agent, if needed.

People don’t like change, I know! But trust me, a quick look into what Môveo.AI’s new UI can do, will change your mind. Just try it!

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