Not just a Zendesk integration

Clone your best agent and automate up to 99% customer support operations,
without spending time and resources configuring an AI agent.

Effortless transition from live chat to conversational AI

Save time and resources by automatically creating an AI virtual assistant, using our Zendesk integration. Surpass the entire solution design, customization and optimization process and automatically learn the best practices for your AI Virtual agent from your own human agents’ performance.

AI virtual assistant

Put your AI virtual assistant to the test
by using the “Test” functionality and deploy it to your preferred channels.

support ticket volume

Clone your best human agent and  empower your AI agent to resolve up to 99% of your incoming tickets.

your team’s productivity

Allow your team to focus on key customer accounts and handle only 1% of the incoming support tickets

Your AI virtual assistant is a few clicks away

Connect to your Zendesk account

Integrate with your Zendesk account or upload past conversations with your customers. Using a small sample of your data, we will unveil the most common questions from your users and create your AI virtual assistant.


ISO 27001:2013 certified

Deploy your AI virtual assistant

Put your AI virtual assistant to the test by using the “Test” functionality. When you are happy with its performance, deploy it to your website and communication channels.

Clients that trust us

Some of the fastest-growing companies have trusted their CX with us.

Automate the automation