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Automate shopping processes, increase sales and offer an immersive shopping experience with Môveo.AI’s conversational AI platform.

Go beyond customer expectations
with conversational commerce

Customers expect a seamless online shopping experience. It's time to exceed their expectations by offering end-to-end self-service automation. Increase loyalty and reduce churning by providing outstanding experiences at every stage of the shopping journey. Instant, personalized help without delays, secure online payments, and fast after-sales support. Don't settle for less; give your customers exceptional service and watch your sales soar.

Upselling & Cross-selling
After-sales support
Digital payments
Product returns
Order tracking
Reduce cart abandonment

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Use case:


Meet Skroutz Helper, Vlassis​

Skroutz is the #1 Marketplace and the 4th most visited website in Greece. Skroutz deployed Môveo's AI agent Vlassis, in order to offer immersive customer experiences and reduce the workload on its customer support department.

Α hyper-personalized shopping experience

With Môveo AI's "1-click AI" platform, Skroutz was able to quickly deploy Vlassis and automate its customer service needs. Vlassis offers an immersive and personalized customer experience which increases sales and brand loyalty, helping Skroutz grow into one of the largest eCommerce platforms in Europe. With Vlassis AI agent, an increase in the number of customers no longer results in an increase in costs and the quality of customer experience remains as high as ever before!


Order inquiries

Missing items from an order? Received damaged products or an order that wasn't correct? Vlassis is capable to connect to Skroutz back-end systems and resolve every order issue.


Delivery & return inquiries

Resolve complex actions like refunds, returns and order tracking in no time. Through the Zendesk integrations, inquiries that require a human-in-the-loop approach can be easily handover to a live agent.


Reschedule deliveries

Customers who didn't receive their parcel, can automatically reschedule their delivery using Viber, to the place and time of their choice. Vlassis successfully handles 96% of all reschedule requests.


automation rate


chats per month

1 min

average resolution time

Why Môveo.AI


Create seamless integrations that result in frictionless experiences, using our open API. Integrate Môveo.AI with your back-end systems and ensure your data protection, by creating an air-gapped environment.


Meet your customers where they are and converse with them in their preferred language. Connect Môveo.AI to your communication channels and offer them 24/7, omnichannel support.


Answer even the most complex customer requests and handover only the conversations that require a “human touch”. Reach up to 99% automation rate with our state-of-the-art NLP algorithms.


Say “no thank you” to your developers with our no-code platform and deploy an AI virtual assistant on your own within days. Don’t start from zero, but choose a template and enrich it to better serve your communication needs.


Forget the tedious customer interviews and identify new customer needs without lifting a finger. Allow your AI virtual assistant to learn from previous data and help you successfully anticipate your customer needs.


Leave no message unread and offer instant resolution to your customer requests. Centralize your communications using our built-in human-chat and improve your live agent’s performance.

Time is money.

Save both with a conversational AI solution