Conversational AI for Courier services

Automate processes, increase employee efficiancy and offer exceptional customer service with Môveo.AI’s conversational AI platform.

Automate redundant processes & provide 24/7 support to your customers' clients

By implementing a conversational AI solution, courier companies can streamline customer support processes, such as parcel tracking, which require communicating with multiple departments and back-end systems. Manually processing such requests is impractical and time-consuming, highlighting the need for self-service automation. Môveo AI's virtual agents can help help you deliver fast and seamless customer experiences within days; redefining the standard for top-notch customer support.

Parcel tracking
Product returns
Product cancelation
Reschedule deliveries
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Use case:

Courier services

Meet Skroutz Last Mile

Skroutz Last Mile is a courier service that manages and delivers Skroutz Marketplace orders. Skoutz Last Mile was dealing with a surge of tickets related to rescheduling product deliveries, which overloaded their customer support department. They were looking for a solution that could be implemented within days, and could automate the majority of incoming requests from multiple communication channels.

End-to-end automation through Viber

Skroutz Last Mile chose Môveo.AI based on its user-friendly, no-code interface and multiple integrations. By connecting Môveo.AI with Viber, they managed to achieve a 96% automation rate for rescheduling package deliveries, minimizing the need for human intervention. Customers that fail to receive their product, receive a Viber message in order to choose a new date, time, and place for delivery.


“With Môveo.AI, customer support is faster.

Môveo.AI helped us handle multiple requests regarding rescheduling package deliveries, by fully automating the process. Our team is now able to focus on more challenging tasks. The easy-to-use interface was a determining factor in choosing Môveo.AI, as it allowed us to deploy a virtual assistant easily and quickly.”

Marina Mantzavinatou
Support Manager


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Why Môveo.AI


Create seamless integrations that result in frictionless experiences, using our open API. Integrate Môveo.AI with your back-end systems and ensure your data protection, by creating an air-gapped environment.


Meet your customers where they are and converse with them in their preferred language. Connect Môveo.AI to your communication channels and offer them 24/7, omnichannel support.


Answer even the most complex customer requests and handover only the conversations that require a “human touch”. Reach up to 99% automation rate with our state-of-the-art NLP algorithms.


Say “no thank you” to your developers with our no-code platform and deploy an AI virtual assistant on your own within days. Don’t start from zero, but choose a template and enrich it to better serve your communication needs.


Forget the tedious customer interviews and identify new customer needs without lifting a finger. Allow your AI virtual assistant to learn from previous data and help you successfully anticipate your customer needs.


Leave no message unread and offer instant resolution to your customer requests. Centralize your communications using our built-in human-chat and improve your live agent’s performance.

Time is money.

Save both with a conversational AI solution