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What is Conversational AI and why every business needs it!

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What is Conversational AI and how it works

How many times have you visited your favorite online store and a pop up has appeared, offering to assist you? Or even, instead of calling a business’s hotline you decided to text them? Usually you are talking to a computer without even realizing it. This is in simple words, an AI virtual assistant.

An AI virtual assistant is a computer program that enables businesses to efficiently communicate with their customers. There are several out there, but depending on the degree of intelligence they carry we can categorize them as Linguistic based (rule-based chatbots), or Machine learning (AI virtual assistants). Rule-based can be considered the “first generation”, as their capabilities are limited. They rely on specific keywords, thus failing to understand the intricacy of human language. AI virtual assistants on the other hand, are capable of answering more complex questions and create a human-like, automated communication with the customer.

Benefits of Conversational AI

Digital transformation is no more an abstract idea of what is coming. It’s here and businesses are starting to incorporate digital assets into their procedures.

50% of enterprises state they plan to invest in AI technology.

In order for a business to not only survive but thrive, it has to keep up with the competition in the market. This can be achieved by creating an AI virtual assistant.

Think big!

Conversational AI, opened up a whole new world of endless (automated) possibilities for every business, regardless of its size! You can connect your AI virtual assistant to your systems and complete a customer’s request from start to finish! From tracking or rescheduling a delivery, to requesting your account balance report. You name it!

  • It improves customer experiences
    Customers need to feel important. They demand a personalized experience with the company they choose. An AI virtual assistant can offer that, by providing brand consistency, throughout the customer’s journey, increasing their satisfaction (3.5x). An elevated customer experience can create not only love for the company and its products/services but also loyalty.

Why Môveo.AI

Not all conversational AI virtual assistants are equally smart and user-friendly!

Môveo offers you a platform where you can create your own smart AI virtual assistants within days, using a no-code friendly interface with a drag and drop functionality. Why employ a developer, when you can do it yourself?

Its virtual assistants are easy-to-build, but they are even easier to improve and maintain, through self-learning and advanced & actionable analytics. The system automatically improves by itself through conversing with users, providing you with suggestions you can implement with the click of a button.

Môveo knows what it knows and what it doesn’t know!
Meaning, when the AI virtual assistant cannot understand a user’s request, it can seamlessly transition the conversation to a customer support representative through the Môveo platform.

And let’s not forget about scalability, as it can handle thousands of users simultaneously, enabling support teams to deal with extreme peaks of incoming requests.

People say that first impressions matter.
Create the best experience for your customers, with Môveo’s groundbreaking AI virtual assistant!
Read more about Môveo.AI and its features.

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