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Already using Zendesk? Clone your best agent in 5′ using AI

Head of Technical Sales

Môveo AI launched its latest Zendesk chat integration, allowing companies to use their existing customer support data and deploy a powerful AI agent with just a simple click!

The value of customer service

A good customer service operation is one of the most important parts of a company’s success, increasing overall customer satisfaction, user retention and business growth. Nowadays, many businesses, irrespective of their size, invest in automated customer service and support solutions. These automations utilize the advancements in Artificial Intelligence-powered agents, primarily in voicebots and chatbots, which can reduce overall customer agent cost up to 70%, increase ROI for companies and resolve support tickets 24/7. Apart from traditional contact center resolution, virtual agents can also help increase customer engagement and loyalty with tips and offers, as well as sales up to 67%.

Môveo.AI is offering one of the most powerful solutions in the market, combining a virtual and human assistant under the same roof, with a state-of-the-art NLP in 21 languages and a friendly, omnichannel platform ready to serve every unique B2B/B2G/B2C need. Môveo’s infinite scalability also allows businesses to resolve hundreds of thousands of inquiries per month, while a human agent can, on average, process less than a thousand. Môveo AI’s virtual agent is integrated with Zendesk chat, offering a seamless experience for both end users and contact centers. Môveo AI and Zendesk chat are operating successfully in a significant number of big enterprises, such as Stoiximan, Betano, Skroutz, Everest & Goody’s, serving hundreds of thousands of users around the globe.

AI virtual agents need to be properly trained and customized and this is a process that requires a certain degree of scholarship and dedication for companies and teams. Modifying or personalizing virtual agents to meet individual needs and business preferences can be challenging. It requires effective solution design as well as strategic UX workflows to make the virtual assistants more useful and powerful for the company’s end-users and at the same time aligned with internal business processes. Apart from human and financial resources, though, it additionally requires a lot of effort to train business teams, establish processes and adapt to a new complex technology, like conversational AI. And as users seek more personalized and unique experiences in customer service, advancements in technology can make this customization easier and more accessible to all.

Introducing Zendesk x Môveo automatic AI cloning

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: the next-generation integration with Zendesk chat, which automatically creates a powerful AI virtual agent in less than 5 minutes, based on the existing customer support data from the Zendesk live chat that you can submit on the spot or upload post hoc. With just a simple click, you can now surpass the entire solution design, customization and VA optimization process and automatically learn the best practices for your Virtual Agent from your own agents’ performance. You can test this for free right away, using a sample of your Zendesk logs. The automatic Virtual Agent customization and deployment guarantees effective cost reduction and error monitoring in the design progress. The AI agent will be immediately equipped with a blueprint of the basic use cases, user journeys and conversational design practices.

Now companies can invest their money and time in workflows that really matter, saving on the hassle of designing and integrating the best customer support principles in AI.

The global market in Virtual Agents was valued at 525 million USD in 2021 and is expected to grow at a rate of 25.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Môveo AI is aligned with this trend and continuously strives to make AI virtual agents more and more accessible and easy to use by all. The latest Zendesk AI cloning integration utilizes the need for companies to be ahead of competitors and automate everything in the already automatic world of AI virtual agents.

Do not hesitate-reach out now to http://moveo.ai/zendesk and adopt a cognitive agent that can learn in minutes the best tools and practices from your existing customer support.

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2. Môveo AI documentation repository, offering a full description and explanation of every step in the VA creation process

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