Môveo’s 1-click AI

At Môveo, complex AI technologies turn into simple-to-use solutions that save enterprises time, effort and money. Utilize your data, automate your operations and offer the best customer experience with 1-click AI

1-click AI: The ultimate solution to create and maintain
enterprise conversational AI agents


How to create an AI virtual
agent fast?

By leveraging the benefits of ChatGPT, Môveo's 1-click AI allows you to upload your existing knowledge base such as website and create an AI agent 30x faster.


How to improve an AI virtual agent effortlessly?

Don't waste time manually improving your AI agent. Môveo’s AI algorithms automatically learn from past interactions and self-improve, solving more than 80% of your customer questions in the channel and language of their choice. No code required.


How can an AI virtual agent increase profitability?

Automate business processes faster with minimal investment. Increase your ROI with high automation rates and scale your customer service without increasing headcount.


Can ChatGPT be used for customer service?​

Large language models, like ChatGPT aim to generate responses that look and feel correct,
but are not necessarily factually true. When used out-of-the-box, open-domain chatbots are incapable of solving
business specific problems such as tracking an order or checking the latest account transactions.
Can’t be personalized

ChatGPT cannot reliably connect to third-party tools, which makes it impossible to automate business processes

Can give wrong answers

ChatGPT can generate believable
but inaccurate answers, making it prohibitive for customer-facing applications


Can’t predict its accuracy

ChatGPT is a black box model.
This means that it is impossible to reason why a certain response
was generated

What are the benefits and limitation of ChatGPT
for customer service?

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating virtual agents

Combine the best of conversational AI agents and open-domain chatbots like ChatGPT. Our 1-click AI allows you to upload your data in any format; websites, knowledge bases, pdfs, past chat logs and automate 80% of your customer support operations
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1-click AI

Where the power of generative AI
meets conversational AI